Tobacco Use Can Cause Complications After Oral Surgery

Many people are aware of the adverse effects of tobacco use on respiratory and circulatory health. Tobacco users are also at a significantly higher risk of certain types of cancer, including oral and pharyngeal cancer. If you have a pending oral surgical treatment, such as a tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, or dental implant placement,… Read more »

A Dental Implant Restoration Can Replace a Missing Tooth

Suffering a dental avulsion or losing a tooth to severe decay or extraction can have serious implications for your overall oral health and quality of life. Even if you learn to live with these initial limitations, you might later suffer orthodontic complications in the surrounding teeth. You see, each tooth in your mouth is accustomed… Read more »

What You Should Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

You probably know that your wisdom teeth usually erupt after all of your other teeth, generally between the ages of sixteen and twenty years old. Since your wisdom teeth are the last to come in, there often isn’t enough room for them to erupt properly. This can lead to a number of serious complications. You… Read more »

Tips on Recovering After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Did you know the recovery process is vital if you want a strong and successful oral health? Well, it’s true, especially after wisdom tooth extraction. So, to help you properly heal after your wisdom teeth have been removed, our dental team has the following tips for you: Tip 1: Keep a clean piece of gauze… Read more »

Important Information for an Uncomplicated Recovery After a Tooth Extraction

Having Drs. extract your wisdom teeth can help prevent dental complications in the future, but you need to care for your mouth to ensure a complete recovery. To have an uncomplicated recovery after the tooth extraction, we recommend these important tips. It’s natural for there to be a little blood weeping from the sutured gums…. Read more »

A Bone Graft Might Be Needed to Prepare for a Dental Restoration

When a tooth is lost, whether it’s from severe decay, damage or extraction, it often results in a loss of bone tissue in the surrounding area. This is even more likely to be the case if there was some form of oral trauma involved, like a blow to the face. When this happens, there might… Read more »

What Can Be Causing Your Jaw Pain?

At Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, our surgeons, Dr. Hueler and Dr. Sandler offer TMJ disorder treatment for our patients in , experiencing jaw pain. If you have pain in the muscles and tissues connecting your lower jaw to your skull, you may have temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ disorder. You see, on either side of your… Read more »

A Dental Implant Is One of the Most Effective Ways to Replace a Knocked-Out Tooth

Your teeth are held in their sockets by a series of super-strong periodontal ligaments. When a tooth is knocked out by something like a blow to the face, it often shatters the tooth, leaving some of it still attached in the socket. When this happens, the tooth simply cannot be saved and your surgeon, Dr…. Read more »

How Well Have You Been Caring For Your Teeth?

What are you doing to improve your oral health? Are you doing enough? Every single day, most of us wake up, and brush our teeth. Sadly, this is not a catch-all for perfect oral hygiene, and there are many more things throughout our day we can do to improve our teeth and gums. Take the… Read more »

Why We Extract Wisdom Teeth

The last set of molars in our mouths, more commonly known as the wisdom teeth, is a remnant of times when humankind had to eat much tougher foods. Since then, we’ve outgrown the need to grind out food to oblivion to get the nutrients out, and now the wisdom teeth can cause many different issues… Read more »