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When it comes to your third molars (also known as your wisdom teeth) they are the last of your pearly whites to come in. Wisdom teeth come in after all of your other teeth have taken their place in your smile, and this means they often don’t have enough room to grow in and fit properly. When this happens they can become stuck in the gums and jaw bone without erupting through the tissue.

Wisdom teeth can even cause problems when they do erupt through the gums by growing in at an improper angle. When this happens, you may experience problems with the alignment of the rest of the teeth in addition to causing damage to the teeth surrounding them. Wisdom teeth may cause damage to the jaw bone and cause inflammation to the gums as well as tooth decay.

To prevent these oral issues, Dr. Hueler and Dr. Sandler are pleased to offer wisdom teeth removal in Savage, Shakopee, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The removal of wisdom teeth can help avoid future issues with the gums, jaw bone health, and alignment issues requiring orthodontics.

Our oral surgeons at Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery will examine your smile to determine if wisdom teeth removal is the best option for you. We can protect your smile from damage by removing any wisdom teeth that might harm your oral health. If you are experiencing problems with a wisdom tooth, please give our team a call at 952-226-7940. We look forward to helping you have a healthy, confident smile!