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Having Drs. Greg Hueler & Dr. Noah Sandler extract your wisdom teeth can help prevent dental complications in the future, but you need to care for your mouth to ensure a complete recovery. To have an uncomplicated recovery after the tooth extraction, we recommend these important tips.

It’s natural for there to be a little blood weeping from the sutured gums. You can control the bleeding by biting down lightly on a rolled-up piece of sterile gauze. After the bleeding stops, you can then clear away any stray blood with a gentle, lukewarm saltwater rinse.

While your gums are healing, it’s best to try to avoid eating hard foods on that side of your mouth. Accidentally biting down on a piece of food directly onto the healing gums could open the sutures. At the same time, you should avoid drinking beverages with a straw. The increased suction could accidentally pull blood clots loose or cause a dry socket to form.

Tobacco use in any form can cause significant complications. Tar, nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco irritate gum tissues. This increases recovery time and can also lead to an infection in the incision.

If you have questions about a proper recovery in Savage, Shakopee, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota, you can always call 952-226-7940 to ask our Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery team a question.